More Details Released of New Medical Building Near Hillcrest District

Plans have been unveiled for a new 11,000 square foot, 2-story medical office building near the fast growing Hillcrest District in southeast Medford. Developers boast the project encompasses not only a state-of-the-art facility but also a well-designed paved parking lot and thoughtfully crafted landscaping.

This medical structure is set to become home to three distinct office-based physician practices, each integrated into the building’s design. The exterior showcases a blend of massing, materials, and window openings, ensuring harmony with the surrounding context. The material palette features brick siding, wood siding, aluminum storefront, and exposed structural steel canopies and lintels.

Visitors will find parking along the south side of the building, leading to the main entry on the south elevation. The interior spaces, located on the south side, offer views of Mt. Ashland. The first floor is dedicated to waiting rooms, reception areas, exam rooms, dental/orthodontal operatories, labs, and sterile processing. The second floor hosts an office-based physician practice, complete with offices, conference rooms, and employee break areas.

Mechanical equipment is situated inside the second-floor volume, while outdoor air conditioning units, placed on the north side and screened by a retaining wall.

Architecturally, project architects say the new building pays homage to the residential scale prevalent in adjacent structures, featuring pitched roofs, overhangs, and punched openings. The proposed structure, with its brick base divided into three volumes, is set to integrate with the existing landscape.

Access to the site is facilitated by a shared drive aisle connecting to Hillcrest Road and the Hillcrest Office Park. Pedestrians are equally catered to, with designed paths connecting the building to public sidewalks and internal walkways facilitating access to various amenities.

This project is near another proposed medical building that we discussed in an earlier article.

Medford Alert will continue to provide updates as this project moves through the approval process and eventual construction.

Source: City of Medford / KSW Architecture

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