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With over 1,000,000 website views annually*, is your local go-to place to be noticed by our local community members. Have your business or brand be seen by real local people who do business in real local places. Our stories and reporting have been featured locally, statewide, and across the globe. We have the second largest number of followers on Twitter of all local news and media outlets, including all the traditional legacy media companies. Our brand of agenda-free information grants you an audience with a wide-range of individuals who trust us daily, to bring them the information they need, without any polarizing political or personal spin. We have been serving the Rogue Valley and beyond since 2011, and pride ourselves on being locally owned and operated since day one. When you decide to partner up with us, you truly get a teammate who is with you every step of the way. Simply put, your success is our success.

Being as Medford Alert began on Twitter/X 12+ years ago, you can imagine we have an awesome and loyal following. While the industry standard for overall engagement is 1%-5%, Medford Alert is typically in the 7%-15% range. We are also proud of our real world impression numbers that typically are 1,000,000+ per month. You want to be seen? We can get you where you want to be. Contact us for more info today!

*Due to the unpredictability of the number of news stories per month, there is no guarantee of a specific number of views or visitors.
These examples are based on historical data from 1,010,000 views from July 2022-July 2023

We offer many different ad options to pair with nearly any budget. Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact Us Today, and we can create the best campaign for your budget and brand!

A Bit More:

We offer many non-exclusive individual options for cost saving ads on our platforms. Even in our non-exclusive ads, we make sure that we do not book competing services and/or businesses in the same month (excluding political related ads). With monthly ads starting at $149 each along with social media ads starting at $49 each. Please feel free to contact us with your goals and we will happily discuss the best route in order to maximize your ad budget for the best results.


Artwork should be provided in a high resolution format and be sent to us as a JPEG or PNG. We are also always more then happy to custom design your ads for an additional fee. Please email us for more information: Contact Us Here!


Once approved, payment is due in advance. Medford Alert LLC reserves the right to reject any ad, for any reason, any time prior to publication. The agreement is considered finalized once payment is made and accepted. The advertiser assumes complete liability for all content of advertisements and takes full responsibility for any and all claims arising from their content or claims made against Medford Alert LLC. Furthermore, Medford Alert LLC assumes no liability for errors and omissions in summited advertisements. All services, ads, marketing rates, and fees are subject to change. Social Media as mentioned is advertising via @MedfordAlert on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Website (web) advertising as mentioned is for

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