About Us

Medford Alert started in 2011 with 1 follower, and as a small independent twitter blog that highlighted local development news. Since then, our Twitter footprint has grown to be the second largest of all local news and media sites, including all local traditional legacy news companies. We have expanded over the past decade to become a full-fledged independent media organization. Over the years, we have added Instagram, and Facebook sites to better connect with our readers directly. In early 2020, we went live with MedfordAlert.com and have seen readership quickly grow to tens of thousands per month.  

We pride ourselves on our breaking news coverage, along with the simple fact that we do not add any political or personal spin to any of our stories or coverages. Simply put, we provide the context, the data, and the facts in our reporting; the rest is up to the reader.  

We are locally owned and operated, so that means we are 100% committed to our local community. After the life changing Almeda Fire in 2020, Medford Alert immediately started a non—stop fundraiser for those that were affected by the tragic event. We raised over $35,000 for a local non-profit to help feed and support fire victims right here in the Medford area. During the height of COVID lockdowns, we saw a need and offered free advertising to highlight and help struggling local restaurants in our #RogueForward series. No one here at Medford Alert takes a paycheck, all proceeds go directly to our operational costs. Our connection to the community runs deep and our love for the valley is unwavering. 

Our coverage of events and breaking news stories have been featured locally, statewide, nationally, and across the globe. Whether we are covering a fire, crash, building project, or just highlighting a beautiful local sunset, we are committed to serving our community. From the Medford metro, to the Rogue Valley, Southern Oregon, and beyond… we are proud to be here #ForTheValley.