Former Pier 1 Building in NE Medford Getting New Tenant

The once-vacant former Pier 1 building, located near the Crater Lake Plaza in NE Medford, is finally seeing new life after years of sitting empty.

The closure of all Pier 1 stores due to bankruptcy left the location deserted, until a clinical research company took up residence during the pandemic. However, they have since relocated to SE Medford, leaving the building vacant once again.

Work is underway to transform both its exterior and interior. The new tenant in the works? A Bend-based dispensary business, though the specifics have yet to be confirmed.

The site has been fraught with numerous calls to Police over the years, as homeless frequently congregated around the empty building. Several years ago, a warming fire from a homeless camp, scorched the outside paint of the east side of the vacant building, but did not cause any major damage. The site was gated off with chain link fencing shortly after that incident.

Medford Alert has reached out to the company representatives for more information but, as of now, no response has been received.