Plans for 197 New Hotel Rooms Near Bullock Road, Moving Forward

In the wake of the $36 million North Medford Interchange modernization project’s completion in 2006, a peculiar 5-acre parcel of land remained, encircled by highways, ramps, and adjacent to an existing body shop. Fast forward to 2021, when Medford Alert first broke the news about plans for two new hotels on this unique site. Today, we bring you the latest developments as the City of Medford’s planning department gears up to consider these hotel projects.

Currently known as the “Bullock Hotels” project, the proposal calls for the construction of two four-story hotels on six contiguous lots, spanning approximately 3.85 acres. These lots are situated between the Hilton Road ramps and Bullock Road, on the north side of Highway 62, all zoned as Regional Commercial.

The design places one hotel on the north boundary and another on the south boundary of the property. The hotel on the north side will run east-west, while the one on the south end aligns with the southwest boundary. The remaining space will be dedicated to parking and stormwater detention facilities.

Access to the site will primarily be through the existing curb cut on Bullock Road, providing entry and exit for guests and visitors alike.

The larger of the two hotels is expected to span approximately 85,000 square feet, with four stories and a total of 107 rooms. Its neighboring counterpart will also stand at four stories and offer 90 rooms. Both establishments are set to cater predominantly to business travelers, providing them with accommodations in this strategic location near the Bullock Rd access to the Medford Airport.

This project is separate from the current dual hotel project taking place near the former I5 Exit 27 interchange in south Medford. Those two hotels have already been approved and are expected to start construction in the spring. Also, plans for an extended stay Hilton hotel near the corner of Biddle Rd and Lawnsdale, have been approved and construction is expected to begin spring 2024.

The City of Medford’s planning department is preparing to review the updated plans for the project later this month. Stay tuned for more updates as this project progresses.

Source: City of Medford

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