Medford Allocates $250K+ in Marijuana Tax Revenue for Community Initiatives

The Medford City Council recently made a decision to allocate $251,500 from Council Community Initiative Funds, sourced from local and state marijuana taxes, towards a range of community projects. These initiatives align with the Council’s Biennial Goals and are aimed at supporting and enhancing the local community.

The breakdown of the fund allocation includes:

1. Santo Center After-School Programs ($50,000): With the upcoming opening of Rogue X in January 2024, $50,000 has been earmarked to enhance after-school and child enrichment programs at the Santo Center. This funding will be utilized for furniture, improvements, supplies, and possible program funding, facilitating an expansion of early childhood education programs.

2. Children’s Museum Preschool Program Scholarships ($50,000): To assist families in financial need, $50,000 will be directed towards providing scholarships for the preschool program at the Children’s Museum of Southern Oregon.

3. Rogue X Front Art Project ($80,000): A unique art installation at the front entrance of Rogue X will receive support through an $80,000 allocation. The creation process will involve collaboration with the Public Art Selection Committee to bring this captivating project to life.

4. Medford High School Art Contest ($4,000): A sum of $4,000 will be dedicated to organizing a high school art contest for Medford schools. This funding will cover marketing materials, prizes, and the printing and framing of the top ten art pieces. Winners will have the honor of their art being displayed in City Hall.

5. Rogue X Swimming Scholarships ($50,000): Ensuring that the benefits of swimming are accessible to all, $50,000 will be utilized to offer swimming scholarships. This initiative will provide free swim lessons at Rogue X for all fourth graders in Medford and extend the opportunity to older children who missed the fourth-grade window. The Medford Parks & Recreation Foundation (MPRF) will be entrusted with these funds and will work to leverage additional donations for swim scholarships.

6. YMCA Youth Center Improvements ($17,500): To enhance safety, a fire alarm notification system will be installed at the YMCA Youth Center on Roberts Rd. This facility will play a crucial role in providing childcare and preschool programs to an underserved area of Medford, operating Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

These allocations reflect the City Council’s goal of using marijuana tax revenue to uplift the local community, promote education, and support meaningful artistic endeavors.

Source: City of Medford

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