Apartments Planned for Empty Lots Around Jackson Creek Center

Here is a previous article regarding the first apartment building planned in the area, that would connect to this project.

The City of Medford will soon be presented with a new proposal for housing near Jackson Creek Center in west Medford.

The conceptual layout proposed with this application requests that the city rezone this property to allow for the development of an 80-unit development that complies with the development standards of the current code.

The proposed layout includes an office and common building with a pool for the use of the tenants. There are large open spaces and ample parking. The future residential units are in close proximity to a variety of services including retail, medical, dental, grocery, banking and other services to the tenants. Developers say the businesses in the area will benefit from the client base and the increase in future employee numbers within walking and biking distance.

Conceptual elevations of the future residential development with similar height, massing, scale, area, the multifamily residential development to the north and the multifamily residential development to the south. The proposed buildings are not of a scale not inconsistent with the nearby large area commercial structures.

The proposed exterior elevations utilize a combination of roofline heights, cascading roof form, a strong sense of entry, and material choices that are reflective of the surrounding neighborhood which includes residential and multi-family residential uses. The design proposes for the buildings to have the facade broken into smaller elements using reveals, recesses, trim, window sizes, and locations.

A variety of positive green spaces and recreational open spaces are proposed. The open space areas account for substantially more than five percent of the total site area. There are three, spacious open areas within the development area and there is also a fitness room for tenant use.

If approved, the project would be presented to the Site Plan and Architectural Committee (SPAC) for final approval prior to any construction permits being issued.

Source: City of Medford

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