Dog of the Week: Meet the Energetic and Playful “Danny”

This week, we shine the spotlight on Danny, a charming two-year-old Lab/Shepherd/Husky mix who has captured the hearts of everyone at the Jackson County Animal Shelter. Danny’s journey at the shelter has lasted 111 days, and he’s more than ready to find his forever home.

Danny’s vibrant personality and boundless energy make him an ideal companion for an active household. He’s a social butterfly, getting along well with people and demonstrating his friendly nature at every opportunity. It’s no secret that Danny is a bundle of energy – he finds it a bit challenging to stay still, which is why he’s looking for an adopter who can keep up with his spirited zest for life.

What truly sets Danny apart is his eagerness to learn and please. This pup is highly trainable and is just waiting for someone who is comfortable handling larger breeds and can guide him toward becoming a well-behaved canine citizen. With the right guidance and training, Danny has the potential to thrive and bring immense joy to his future family.

If you’re an active individual or family seeking a four-legged companion to join in your adventures, Danny could be the perfect match. He’s looking for an environment where he can burn off his abundant energy through exercise and play. Regular training sessions and engaging activities will not only keep him happy but also strengthen the bond between him and his new family.

In recognition of his charm and potential, Danny has received an exciting offer from a local trainer. Five free training sessions are on the table to help him continue his journey towards becoming the best version of himself. This speaks to Danny’s positive impression on those who have had the pleasure of meeting him.

If you’re ready to welcome a young and playful dog into your home, look no further than Danny. To meet this lovable furry friend in person and learn more about the adoption process, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Jackson County Animal Shelter at 541-774-6654. Press 5 for adoptions, and their dedicated team will be more than happy to assist you.

Give Danny the chance he deserves to light up your life with his infectious energy and unwavering companionship. Your new adventure awaits – all you have to do is make the call!

Source: Jackson County Animal Shelter

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