ODOT Closes US199 at O’Brien as Smith River Complex Fire Rages

In response to the escalating activity of the Smith River Complex Fire, authorities have announced the temporary closure of US199 at Lone Mountain Road in O’Brien. The closure, effective immediately, comes as firefighting efforts intensify to contain the wildfire’s spread.

The Smith River Complex Fire, which has been raging in the region for several days, prompted this decisive action by local authorities. The closure of US199 aims to ensure the safety of both residents and emergency responders, as the fire’s dynamic behavior continues to pose a threat to the area.

Motorists are advised to avoid the vicinity and seek alternate routes to their destinations. The closure is expected to remain in effect until the fire activity subsides and it’s deemed safe for travel along the route.

Emergency services and firefighting teams are working to bring the Smith River Complex Fire under control. The closure of US199 is a proactive measure to allow these teams the necessary space to conduct their operations effectively.

Residents in the affected areas are encouraged to stay informed about evacuation orders and take necessary precautions to safeguard their homes and loved ones. The wildfire’s behavior can change rapidly, underscoring the importance of preparedness in the face of such emergencies.

As the situation unfolds, local authorities will continue to assess the fire’s progression and provide updates on road closures and evacuations. The cooperation of the community is vital during this challenging time, as everyone bands together to overcome the threat posed by the Smith River Complex Fire.

Medford Alert will provide updates as new information becomes available.

You can track these fires through our 2023 Wildfire Season partner’s Wildfire Aware app.

Source: ODOT

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