PMMC Earns “America’s Best Maternity Hospitals 2023” Award

Bringing a new life into the world is an extraordinary journey, marked by decisions that shape the well-being of both mother and child. As expectant parents embark on this path, choosing the right maternity hospital becomes a pivotal choice. Recognizing the significance of this decision, Newsweek joined forces with Statista, a renowned global market research and consumer data firm, to unveil the much-anticipated “America’s Best Maternity Hospitals 2023” rankings.

Spanning the United States, the list showcases the top 384 maternity care institutions, divided into two performance tiers: the esteemed five-ribbon hospitals, comprising 159 exceptional facilities, and the respected four-ribbon hospitals, encompassing 225 healthcare centers.

The comprehensive evaluation of these hospitals is rooted in three data sources. First, a nationwide online survey engaged hospital managers and maternity healthcare professionals, including neonatal care providers and dedicated OB/GYNs. Their recommendations provided invaluable insights into identifying the leading maternity hospitals in the country.

Second, crucial medical key performance indicators pertinent to maternity care were analyzed. These indicators encompassed an array of metrics, including the rate of cesarean births, to gauge the hospitals’ commitment to safe and evidence-based birthing practices.

Third, patient satisfaction data played a pivotal role in the evaluation. Feedback from patients, reflecting their assessments of the medical staff’s responsiveness and communication, shed light on the human-centric care each hospital provides.

Among the recipients of the prestigious “five ribbon” status, only two hospitals in Oregon have earned this recognition. The first is the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) situated in Portland, and the second is Providence Medford Medical Center located in Medford.

By celebrating excellence in maternity care, “America’s Best Maternity Hospitals 2023” serves as a beacon of quality, guiding families toward hospitals that are dedicated to ensuring the health and happiness of both mother and child.

Source: Newsweek

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