Talent Elementary Unveils Mural to Welcome Students Back to School

Courtesy of TES

As students prepare for the upcoming school year, a burst of color and positivity awaits them at Talent Elementary School (TES). A captivating mural, stretching across an L-shaped cinderblock wall, now graces the campus, thanks to the vision and dedication of a TES parent, Rachel Andras.

Inspired to infuse more brightness into the daily routines of families, Andras collaborated with TES Principal Heather Low and first-grade teacher Samantha Dedrick to bring the project to life. The mural, a striking blend of vibrant landscapes and inspiring messages, was brought to fruition by local artist Emily Figueroa of Fig Leaf Fine Art.

Over the summer, the project gained momentum, garnering support from seventeen local businesses, families, and the City of Talent, contributing a total of $6,000 towards the endeavor. Despite the substantial backing, the school seeks an additional $1,400 to fully cover the expenses. Generous donations of $250 or more will earn contributors the honor of having their names etched onto plaques that will adorn the mural.

The mural itself is a portrayal of an Oregon-inspired landscape, featuring a radiant sun hovering over majestic mountains, complemented by wildflowers, pine trees, and lush grass. Both English and Spanish languages unite in the inscription, “No one is you and that is your Superpower,” reminding students of their uniqueness. Along the base, impactful words such as “adventurous” and “connected” serve as a testament to the resilience and unity within the TES community.

Samantha Dedrick shared, “Our students have chosen words that mirror the past two years, marked by challenges like the Almeda fire and Covid. This mural stands as a celebration of our students, staff, and families.”

The mural, which was completed in just over a week, not only adds vibrancy to the school’s environment but also encapsulates the strength and spirit of the community. As students return for the new school year, they are greeted by a symbol of hope, resilience, and the enduring power of unity.

For those who wish to contribute to this inspiring project, donations can be made payable to Talent Elementary School by August 30, with the opportunity to leave a lasting mark by having your name on a plaque.

For more information, please contact Rachel Andras at 530-227-4837.

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Source: Talent Elementary School

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