Bear Near Sacred Heart School Killed Early This Morning

Yesterday evening, 911 dispatchers received several calls from concerned residents after a possible bear sighting in a neighborhood off W. Stewart Ave.

Upon arrival, police set up a perimeter after attempting to locate the bear near S. Holly and Ogara St. Medford Police (MPD) also reported the bear had been struck by a vehicle and had ran off after the incident. The bear was not located at the time.

Original area of bear sighting

Early this morning, Medford Police report that the bear had been located closer towards downtown Medford and Sacred Heart School. Officials report that the animal was on a neighborhood fence and that relocation was not an option.

Area where bear was killed

Due to the safety of the surrounding community, the bear was dispatched by authorities around 6a today. Oregon State Police Wildlife personnel assisted with handling and removal of the deceased bear.

There were no reported injuries. This is the second time, in the past two months, authorities have had to dispatch a bear within city limits. Early in September, a NW Medford woman and her dog were attacked by a bear and suffered non-life threatening injuries. The bear was eventually located and killed.

If you happen to encounter a bear, MPD has included previous safety tips from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife:

Make Noise- Raise your voice and speak firmly, yell and clap your hands.

Don’t Run- Do not run or make sudden movements. 

Back away slowly as you face the bear. It is never safe to approach it. 

Give any bear you encounter a way to escape.

If you’re on a trail, step off and slowly walk away.

If you see bear cubs, steer clear and leave the area immediately.

Black bear attacks are rare. In most cases, a bear will avoid human contact.

Fight back- in the rare event of an attack. Keep bear spray handy for quick access and practice using it. Be aggressive, shout, and throw tools, sticks, and rocks.

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