72 Year Old Hunter Rescued After Days Lost in the Wilderness

The 72 year old Eugene man left on foot to go hunting in the area south of Hill’s Creek Reservoir at about 8:00am on Saturday. He did not bring food, water, lighting or other survival supplies with him. He was expected to return to camp before dark, however he never arrived. Authorities were not notified that he was missing until about 10:00am on Sunday. The man was missing for 2.5 days according to officials.

Lane County Sheriff Search and Rescue Crews quickly mobilized and began searching the area.  Given the expansive wilderness area and its close proximity to two other counties, numerous additional resources were summoned to assist in the search. 

Search crews located the missing hunter on Monday afternoon shortly after 12:00pm. He was alive, but in immediate need of medical attention. A helicopter, dispatched by the Oregon Army National Guard responded and transported the man to a hospital in the Eugene/Springfield area.

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind the public to be prepared whenever you will be recreating outdoors. Always take proper supplies including but not limited to: water, food, proper clothing, lighting, shelter, navigation equipment, and the ability to provide yourself with warmth. Formulate a travel plan highlighting locations and expected departure and arrival times. Be sure to share this plan with people that are familiar with the area.

No additional information is available at this time.

Source: LCSO

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