New Level 1 Evacuation Notices Issued Due to Rum Creek Fire Activity

Wildfire alert from Josephine County Sheriff.

Level 1 – BE READY notice for: North of Galice Road, Merlin Road. South of Copper Queen Road and 2000 block of Dog Creek Road. East of Crow Road, Quartz Creek Road and Tunnel Ridge. West of I-5.

Level 1 – BE READY notice for: North of Burnette Road and the Rogue River. South of Lower River Road. East of the West Pickett Creek Road. West of the Rogue River.

Level 1 – BE READY notice for: North of Pinnon Road, Garnet Lane. South of Merlin Road, Robertson Bridge Road. East of Lower River Road. West of Saratoga Way, Pine Crest Drive.

Be ready to evacuate at a moment’s notice. Act early if there is any reason you might need extra time. Leave right away if you feel you are in immediate danger. 

If conditions change quickly, this may be the only alert you receive. 

Sheltering operations are at Josephine County Fairgrounds.

Picture Courtesy of IVFD