Numerous Agencies Working Wildfire North of Central Point

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Jackson County Fire District 3, Medford Fire, and ODF crews are on scene of a wildfire near Dean Creek Rd, just south of the I5 Exit 35 interchange.

ODF reports that there is a strong initial attack taking place. A number of ground crews, along with two helicopters are working the blaze.

Fire command estimates the incident to be approximately 2 acres in size. At this time, there are no evacuation orders.

6:32p UPDATE: The fire has been upgraded to a third alarm. This will bring in additional resources to assist crews currently on scene.

6:55p UPDATE: ODF says the fire is now estimated to be 4 acres, but firefighters have made excellent progress lining it. Approximately 75% of the perimeter is lined and at this time, and the fire isn’t expected to grow beyond this footprint. Windy conditions pushed the fire to spot across the creek but the forward progression of the fire has been stopped.

7:25p UPDATE:

This is a Level 1 BE READY to Evacuate notice from Central Point Police
Éste es un aviso para evacuar Nivel 1: EN SUS MARCAS para evacuar – Central Point Police

Due to fire conditions, the following area is at Level 1: Old Upton Subdivision: North and West of Upton Road. East of Bear Creek..
Debido a los incendios, la siguiente área está en Nivel 1: Old Upton Subdivision: North and West of Upton Road. East of Bear Creek..

Level 1 means:

  • Be aware of the danger that exists in your area.  
  • Monitor telephone devices, local TV, radio, social media, .  
  • Make plans and prepare to evacuate. Consider leaving now if you need extra time or if you have additional needs.  Think about children, people with disabilities, pets, livestock, and mobile property. 

If conditions worsen, you may receive a Level 2 or 3 evacuation notice.  But this may be the only notice you receive if the fire moves too fast for authorities to send alerts. 

If you feel you are in danger, leave.

Courtesy of ODF

8:20p UPDATE: ODF reports the fire is now 100% lined and firefighters confirmed it was caught at 4 acres. Mop up work is beginning and will likely continue overnight. No additional information was given by authorities at this time.

9:00p UPDATE:

CANCELLED: Level 1 – BE READY from Central Point Police – DEAN CREEK FIRE

Central Point Police has Cancelled the wildfire Level 1 evacuation notice for the area of: Old Upton Subdivision: North and West of Upton Road. East of Bear Creek..

Medford Alert will continue to monitor this fire and provide updates when available.