Royal Ave Fire Survivor Still Searching for Daughters Missing Pet

UPDATE: Earlier today, the family was allowed back into the apartment to try and salvage what they could. They located the missing cat hiding inside a drawer. The cat was a “little thirsty” but otherwise ok.

Here is the LINK to our original article on the fire, along with pictures and videos of the incident.

A family that narrowly escaped the flames of a late night apartment fire, is asking the public for assistance in locating their child’s beloved cat.

Angelique Tokahontas contacted Medford Alert in in hopes the community has seen the pet. She said her child’s pet cat “Skeletons” is still missing after the fire. She mentioned successfully recovering two other family cats, but her daughters “baby” is still missing.

“My daughter is devastated we haven’t found her Skeletons. We lost everything I pray that my daughter hasn’t lost her ‘baby’, too.” – Angelique Tokahontas.

The family lived at 725 Royal Ave, in one of the several units affected by the fire. The mother is asking the public to keep an eye out for the missing animal and contact her immediately if found or seen. Here is the families Facebook LINK to the missing feline.

If you would like to help this family, here is the GoFundMe Link provided by friends of the affected family.