Illegal Marijuana Grow Operation Busted in Cave Junction

In a joint operation, the Josephine Marijuana Enforcement Team (JMET), in collaboration with Josephine County Public Health & Building Safety, executed a search warrant on September 7, 2023. The operation targeted an illegal marijuana grow site located in the 5000 Block of Rockydale Road, Cave Junction.

During the planned execution of the warrant, authorities uncovered and subsequently destroyed over 2,400 marijuana starter plants.

In addition to the sizable haul of illicit marijuana plants, the property was found to have multiple electrical and water code violations. These infractions could potentially lead to the criminal forfeiture of the property.

While the primary suspect was not present at the location during the search, law enforcement officials are aware of the individual. Once apprehended, the subject will possibly face a number of charges, including Unlawful Possession of Marijuana, Unlawful Manufacturing of Marijuana, and Unlawful Appropriation of Water.

At this time, the investigation remains ongoing, and no further details are being disclosed.

Source: JoCo So

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