Firefighters Make Headway Against Lightning Fires; Collings Mountain Fire in Focus

Throughout the night, firefighters have been combating the lightning-sparked fires that originated from Saturday night’s thunderstorms. Presently, these fires are being effectively managed at small sizes, and there are no threats to residential areas.

This morning, attention turns to the Collings Mountain Fire, a recent ignition reported late last night. Located to the north of Applegate Lake, near the Oregon-California border, the fire currently spans an estimated 3 acres. Ground forces, supported by a fleet of engines and three 20-person crews, are engaging directly to contain the fire’s spread. An ODF Type 2 helicopter is further bolstering efforts by conducting precise water bucket drops.

In positive news, significant progress has been made with the Cinnabar Gulch Fire, the largest among yesterday’s reported incidents. This blaze, originally substantial in size, has been successfully corralled to a mere 1 acre. With containment lines now established for the entire perimeter and 70% of the area mopped up, firefighters are committed to eradicating any residual risk today.

Additional fires are estimated to measure 1/10 of an acre or less. These fires are either actively being managed by dedicated firefighting teams or are awaiting the arrival of necessary resources. Further information will be shared as it becomes available.

Yesterday, the US National Weather Service Medford Oregon documented 286 lightning strikes in both Jackson and Josephine counties. With rising temperatures and diminishing fuel moisture, it is anticipated that new fire discoveries may arise today. In anticipation, a reconnaissance flight has been deployed to survey these regions for signs of smoke and fire. Concurrently, ODF Detection Center personnel are monitoring the strike zones for any emerging fires. To respond to potential new incidents, all available firefighters have been activated and are on standby.

In light of the ongoing extreme fire hazard, it is of paramount importance for the public to adhere to current fire regulations.

Medford Alert will continue to monitor these fires and provide updates as they become available.

Source: ODF

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