Pacific Power De-Energizes Line to 12,000 N. California Customers Due to Wildfire

As the Smith River Complex wildfire intensifies and approaches the Oregon border, Pacific Power decided to de-energize its transmission line, resulting in an outage that will impact approximately 12,000 Crescent City and Del Norte County customers.

The Smith River Complex, a cluster of lightning-triggered fires encompassing more than 3,000 acres, has prompted Pacific Power’s action. Two of the blazes, known as the Holiday Fire and Kelly Fire, have advanced to within a half-mile distance from the company’s infrastructure. The close proximity of these fires to Pacific Power’s equipment poses a significant hazard to nearby communities and the first responders who are battling the flames.

The duration of the power outage remains uncertain at this time, leaving residents and businesses in the affected area facing the challenges of being without electricity. Pacific Power says they are working in close coordination with local emergency management agencies to ensure the needs of their customers are met during this emergency outage.

A particular emphasis is being placed on assisting customers with medical requirements. Those with medical needs are urged to reach out to Pacific Power’s Customer Service at 1-888-221-7070 for support.

Additionally, the utility company is actively reaching out to customers who have previously identified themselves as having medical baseline needs to provide them with the necessary assistance.

No additional information was released by officials at this time.

Source: Pacific Power


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