#ForTheValley: Off-Duty Medford Firefighter Rescues Kids from Fire

#ForTheValley is a continuing Medford Alert series that highlights the good in our community. Those that go above and beyond for their fellow community members. With so much going on in todays world, we here at Medford Alert hope this series brings a bit of light into your day.

In a heart-stopping turn of events, the quick actions of off-duty Medford Firefighter Engineer Manny Sharp saved the lives of three children caught in a house fire near his residence in Josephine County. Sharp’s heroic efforts came to light as he responded to the emergency before Grants Pass Fire engines could arrive.

Upon noticing the fire not far from his own home, Engineer Sharp immediately sprang into action. Despite being clad in sandals, he quickly kicked open the door of the burning house and ventured inside. He located two kids within the chaotic environment and carried them to safety outside the engulfed residence.

Neighbors, who had reported the presence of children inside the building, were visibly relieved as Engineer Sharp emerged from the smoke-laden structure with the two youngsters in his arms. Moments later, the children’s mother arrived at the scene, distraught and panicked. She informed Sharp that there was still one more child trapped inside the home.

Without a moment’s hesitation, the firefighter re-entered the house. He managed to locate the third child and carried them to safety, completing the daring rescue mission.

The mother, who had been anxiously waiting outside, was reunited with her three children thanks to Engineer Manny Sharp’s unwavering courage and selflessness.

Local authorities and fellow firefighters commend Engineer Manny Sharp for his extraordinary bravery and quick thinking. As a result, there were no reported serious injuries from anyone involved.

As the news of this incredible rescue spreads, residents are joining in a collective effort to extend their heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Engineer Manny Sharp for his remarkable and life-saving act. It serves as a powerful reminder of the bravery that exists within our local heroes, who are always ready to step up and make a difference, regardless of the circumstances.

Source: MFD Local 824

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