$14 Million Upgrade Project Slated for “Big X” Intersection

The public is invited to participate in an online open house to gather insights and information about an upcoming infrastructure enhancement that will transform the bustling area of NW Medford’s “Big X” intersection. This crucial project, which is currently in its final design phase, is anticipated to commence construction in 2024-2025.

With an estimated budget of $14 million, the Medford “Big X” upgrade project aims to revitalize the intersection of Oregon 99, 238, and 62, along with several adjacent streets. The cornerstone of this endeavor involves repaving the existing intersection and its surrounding roadways. Notable streets slated for improvement include Court Street and Riverside Avenue, spanning from Ohio Street to Table Rock Road, as well as segments of Oregon 238 and 62 from North Ross Lane to Poplar Drive.

In line with ensuring accessibility for all, the project will also address Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements by enhancing curb ramps. Additionally, the endeavor will accommodate the evolving needs of the community by adjusting travel lanes to accommodate multiuse paths, promoting alternative transportation options.

A pivotal aspect of the upgrade initiative involves the meticulous resealing of existing bridge decks within the project vicinity. By bolstering the structural integrity of these essential components, the project aims to enhance safety and prolong the lifespan of vital infrastructure.

The forthcoming online open house presents an opportunity for the public to gain insights into the project’s scope, goals, and anticipated benefits. Community members are encouraged to participate, ask questions, and offer valuable input that will contribute to shaping a more vibrant and efficient intersection for north Medford residents and visitors alike.

For more details about the online open house and to stay updated on the project’s developments, please click this link.

Source: ODOT

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