Jackson County Sheriff’s Office Seeks Owners of Recovered Fall Harnesses

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) is currently searching for the rightful owners of three fall harnesses that were discovered at an unoccupied transient camp near the Bear Creek Greenway on June 29. The deputies found these harnesses while conducting a routine patrol on the freeway side of the Lithia & Driveway Fields area.

If you believe that one of these harnesses belongs to you, the JCSO requests that you contact their Dispatch non-emergency line at (541) 776-7206. When calling, reference JCSO case 23-3978 to help facilitate the identification process.

To successfully claim the harness, you will need to provide the name written on the harness itself. This information will be essential in confirming the ownership and ensuring that the legal owners are reunited with their property.

The JCSO encourages anyone who may have lost a fall harness in the specified area to reach out promptly. It is essential to establish proper ownership and prevent any misuse or unauthorized use of the equipment. By cooperating with the JCSO, you can help them resolve this matter efficiently.

If you know someone who may have lost their fall harness recently, please share this information with them so that they can come forward and claim their property. The JCSO remarks they are committed to returning lost items to their rightful owners and appreciates the community’s cooperation in accomplishing this goal.

Source: JCSO

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