62-Year-Old State Inmate from Jackson County Dies in Custody

An Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) adult in custody, Epigmenio Borboa, died the morning of April 16, 2023. Borboa was incarcerated at Snake River Correctional Institution (SRCI) in Ontario and passed away at a local hospital. As with all in-custody deaths, the Oregon State Police have been notified.

Borboa entered DOC custody on April 27, 2017, from Jackson County with an earliest release date of June 8, 2023. Borboa was 62 years old. Next of kin has been notified.

DOC remarked they take all in-custody deaths seriously. The agency is responsible for the care and custody of approximately 12,000 individuals who are incarcerated in 12 institutions across the state. While crime information is public record, DOC elects to disclose only upon request out of respect for any family or victims.

Source: Oregon DOC

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