Medford School District Prepares to Renovate South Gateway Building

This is an update to our previous article regarding this Medford School District (MSD) project.

The Medford School District proposes to convert the existing Asante call center building located at 1321 Center Drive into a new location for the MSD High School of Choice. The project zoning as Regional Commercial will require a Conditional Use Permit and additional renovation of the existing building to meet the schools educational needs and satisfy the pertinent planning and building code reguirements.

The district anticipates that the total population of the school, including faculty and students, will not exceed 250 for the foreseeable future. Some minor sitework will be required, but the majority of the work will be within the existing building.

The interior work will include the creation of four new classrooms in the large central open area, the conversion of the existing staff break room into a cafeteria and warming kitchen, and the conversion of some conference/training rooms into classrooms.

Additional work will be performed at the central open area, as well as the covered outdoor area, to accommodate a Project-Based learning model and Construction Technology Education.

The existing office space will be used for school administration and accessory storage. New exit doors will be provided as needed to accommodate updated requirements.

The project site is located in the South Gateway area. The neighborhood predominantly made up of shopping, hotel, and retail establishments. The 5.24 acre site is accessed by two shared vehicular access points oft of Center St to the southwest. There is a large front parking lot, two shared access aisles on either side of the building, and a smaller rear parking lot.

The existing building was built in 1993, and comprises a 46,600 sqft main building, as well as an attached 4,200 sqft enclosed greenhouse and a 6,720 covered outdoor area.

Modifications were made to the building in 2000 to accommodate its current use as a medical call center and training facility, including extensive interior renovations. The main building has an exposed steel primary structural frame, concrete tilt-up exterior walls, and mixed steel and wood partition framing. The enclosed greenhouse has an exposed steel primary structural frame and polycarbonate windows The covered outdoor area has an exposed steel primary structural frame and is open on threes sides.

Medford Alert will continue to monitor this project and provide updates as they become available.

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