“Mosaic Medford” Adds Onto Already Large Apartment Project

This is an update to our previous article regarding this ongoing project.

The Medford City Council will soon hear the consideration of a “major modification” for the Mosaic Apartments, a multi-family phased development in northeast Medford (as yet built) approved for 159 units. The previous approval also included the connection of Montelimar Drive to Bell Court, as well as the construction of a shared-use pathway along Lone Pine Creek-on three contiguous, vacant parcels.

The modification is to add an abutting 0.43-acre parcel to the development area, as well as to add additional multiple-family dwelling units to the overall site.

The developers remarked that the proposed buildings are a modern design, similar to other design styles in the Pacific Northwest. Adjacent buildings were constructed in the ’90s, and as such, incorporate outdated design methods.

The proposed building will attempt to match outdated design methods to the greatest extent possible while still providing a modern and stylish feel. Complimentary design styles between the project and adjacent buildings include neutral colors, human scale–covered entry porches, wood framing around windows, and large three-foot-wide roof overhangs to match adjacent residential buildings.

Some highlights of the project are three amenity buildings, modern urban designs, and a vast network of walking paths connecting the multiple buildings.

The project could potentially begin late Spring if all the changes are approved by city staff.

Source: City of Medford

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