Shooting Threat at Oregon High School Prompts Investigation

The Tigard Police Department is investigating a reported shooting threat at Tigard High School and is following up today in hopes of contacting those involved to determine the credibility of the threat.

Investigators have learned there was a fight between students on Thursday, February 16th at Tigard High School. Authorities have identified those involved in the fight and will be working to speak with those involved today.

Later in the evening, there was a report that some of those students and an adult in a car encountered each other at a gas station and verbal threats were made at that time. The police department was not called by anyone involved in that reported incident, and officials are working to figure out what actually took place.

Just before 8p Thursday, the Tigard Police Department was notified that an anonymous report was made through Safe Oregon that said, “I heard there was going to be a school shooting tomorrow.”

Today, School Resource Officer assigned to Tigard High School is following up on this investigation.

Investigators remarked that they “thank whoever made the tip” through Safe Oregon, which is designed to give kids, parents, schools and their communities a way to report safety threats or potential acts of violence. If you and/or your students are not aware of this valuable resource, please take a moment to program this information into your phone:

You can find more information about Safe Oregon at

Source: TPD

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