Leaders of Medford Area Drug Trafficking Organization Arrested

Following a two-year drug investigation, on January 24, 2023, Medford Area Drug & Gang Enforcement Team (MADGE) and IMET Detectives began serving search warrants on Jerret Hooey and his co-conspirators.

In five days’ time MADGE and IMET Detectives, with the assistance of Jackson County Sheriff’s Office Deputies, Oregon State Police and the Rogue Area Drug Enforcement (RADE) team, Grants Pass Police, Homeland Security Investigations, and Medford Police Detectives served over 24 search warrants at various locations within Jackson County.

In total, Detectives seized over $165,000 in U.S. currency, 86 firearms, over 1 ½ pounds of cocaine, over ¼ pound of methamphetamine, over ¼ pound of fentanyl, and over 90 pounds of marijuana and/or marijuana extracts. 

Four males believed to be main suspects in this case were arrested and lodged at the Jackson County Jail:

  • Jerret Hooey, age 34
  • Jesus Ledesma, age 35
  • Nicolas Carrillo-Ortiz, age 38
  • Lucas Palomarez, age 27

The subjects involved were arrested for Unlawful Delivery of Cocaine, Unlawful Manufacturing of Cocaine, and Unlawful Possession of Cocaine among other charges.

An additional 20 subjects were contacted and/or arrested in conjunction with the drug trafficking organization.

MADGE Detectives have been investigating Jerret Hooey and his drug trafficking organization (DTO) since February 2020 for selling large amounts of cocaine in Jackson County.  In November of 2022, MADGE Detectives began monitoring Hooey’s phone calls via a Title III wire intercept.  During the investigation, Detectives began monitoring two additional phone lines in connection with the case. 

Through the investigation, MADGE Detectives were able to confirm the cocaine was being distributed from the Mexico border at the ports in California and Texas. The source of these drugs were confirmed to be the Mexican Cartel. The drugs were transported from Tijuana, Mexico and Juarez, Mexico to Oregon where they were distributed.

Detectives with MADGE continue to investigate leads from this case in an attempt to arrest and prosecute individuals involved with this cocaine drug trafficking organization.  

If you have any information regarding subjects involved in this case, please contact Detective Schwab with MADGE at 541-292-6035 or 541-774-2231.

All suspects are considered innocent until any/all charges are proven true against them in a court of law.

Source: Medford Police

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