“Shelter In Place” Issued for Grants Pass Neighborhood

This is a developing incident. Medford Alert will continue to monitor and update as new information becomes available. Scroll to the bottom of the article for the latest updates.

At approximately 2:00p today, Grants Pass School District 7 (SD7) sent a text out to neighborhood parents and guardians reporting police activity. The area is near the original crime scene of a recent attempted murder and subsequent nationwide hunt for the suspect involved. At this time, it is unknown if there is a connection.

Here is the message sent from SD7:

[RED] Due to a law enforcement incident in the SunGlo area, the Yellow 116, Purple 132 and Blue 112 busses will not be running their regular pm route today 1/31. If you would like to come pick up your student you are free to do so. However, law enforcement are requesting that people stay out of the area.

Also, several witnesses have reported to Medford Alert, seeing around 10 assorted law enforcement vehicles racing north on I5 towards Grants Pass from the Medford area.

Citizen Alert Network sent the following message:

Police activity near area of Shane Way and Sun Glo Drive. Stay indoors. Shelter in place until further notice. Do not call 911 unless experiencing a life threatening emergency.

4:15p UPDATE: Medford Police and Jackson County Sheriff’s personnel are also on scene assisting with Josephine County agencies. They have an individual inside the house which refuses to surrender. At this time, there are unconfirmed reports that the person inside may be fugitive Ben Foster.

4:50p UPDATE: Here is video from the scene earlier as law enforcement conducts operations.

Courtesy of Rudolpho Meza
Courtesy of Rudolpho Meza

5:30p UPDATE: Grants Pass Police believe fugitive Benjamin Foster was captured on surveillance morning walking a dog on an area street. Todays ongoing law enforcement activity is a result of authorities thinking he is still in the immediate area.

8:05p UPDATE: Police personnel are standing down on scene. The situation has been resolved. We are working to gather additional info regarding the condition of suspect Benjamin Foster.

Courtesy of GPPD


Medford Alert is working to gather additional information at this time.


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