“Mega-Corridor” Construction to Begin on January 30th

This is an update regarding the planned “Mega-Corridor” project, which will transform a rural eastside road, into a major thoroughfare. Here are links to our previous articles about the project: Link 1, Link 2, Link 3.

Contractor Knife River Materials, will begin work the counties portion of Foothill Road on Monday, January 30, 2023. Work is expected to have significant impacts on traffic and will cause delays. Authorized say that drivers should consider finding alternate routes to avoid the work areas – this will not only increase driver safety, but will also help improve safety for the construction crews working on this project. Thru traffic is not advised and will be difficult due to construction and necessary delays.

The City of Medford is also about to begin a project on another portion of Foothill Road between Delta Waters Road and Hillcrest Road. Construction on the city portion will begin in mid-February. In most sections between Delta Waters and Hillcrest, the current two-lane roadway will be widened to five lanes (which includes the center turn lane) as well as curb, gutter, sidewalks and bike lanes. The Medford project will also construct a new 1,000-foot section of South Stage Road connecting to North Phoenix Road.

The improved section of Foothill Road from Delta Waters to Dry Creek will consist of two 11-foot travel lanes with 7-foot shoulders on each side of the roadway. The project will smooth out curves, improve sight distance, and widen the road. Left turn lanes will be installed at Dry Creek Road, Coker Butte Road, and Devil’s Garden Road.

Source: JCR & ODOT

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