Most Jackson County Cities Log Growth in Latest Estimates

The latest population estimates from the Portland State Population Research Center (PSU) shows that growth is still ongoing for most metro cities.

The US Census conducts an official count every ten years. The latest actual population totals are certified as 2020.

However, organizations like the PSU Population Research Center typically conduct smaller tallies each year. They are estimates of change based on similar parameters that the US Census uses, but are not typically as accurate. An example is, in 2019, PSU had their population estimates thousands lower for Medford and Jackson County. Once the official US Census data was certified, it showed Medford had significantly more population then the previous PSU estimate.

The 2022 PSU estimates are a still a very good tool to see the overall population movements in an area. Reminder, these are estimates, and are not certified by the US Census Bureau at this time.

Medford | 88,357 (2022) | 85,828 (2020)

Ashland | 21,642 (2022) | 21,360 (2020)

Central Point | 19,785 (2022) | 18,997 (2020)

Eagle Point | 9,968 (2022) | 9,686 (2020)

White City | x | 9,090 (2020)

Talent | 5,851 (2022) | 6,282 (2020)

Phoenix | 4,019 (2022) | *

Shady Cove | 3,113 (2022) | *

Jacksonville | 3,100 (2022) | *

Rogue River | 2,446 (2022) | *

Gold Hill | 1,364 (2022) | *

Butte Falls | 445 (2022) | *

The * indicates there is no data available from the US Census, as they only provide information for cities with a population of at least 5,000.

The x means that White City is a Census Designated Place (CDP) and not an incorporated city. The area is technically Jackson County, so there is no official PSU update for it.

Overall, Jackson County has an estimated 2022 population of 224,013 according to PSU. That’s up from the official 2020 US Census tally of 223,259.

One note is that our metros growth has taken a slight hit from the Almeda and South Obenchain Fires in 2020. Although residential rebuilding in the hardest hit cities are booming, it takes time to replace the estimated 2,500+ homes that were lost. Many residents in the cities of Phoenix and Talent have moved out of the county or into larger population centers, like Medford and Central Point. Talent lost approximately 7% of its population in the two years since the Almeda Fire.

Statewide, Jackson County remains the sixth most populated county, and fourth most populated metro region.

Data Provided by PSU PRC & US Census Bureau

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