Investigators Believe Fire That Destroyed Redmond Buildings Was Arson

At approximately 04:30a yesterday morning Redmond Fire and Rescue crews were called to the 5500 block of Harvest Ave for a reported structure fire.

Upon the arrival of crews from Redmond Fire & Rescue crews were met with two structures heavily involved in fire and fire spreading through dry brush and junipers. Crews were able to make a quick stop on the fire spreading through the brush and trees and contain the fire to the two structures. Crews are currently on scene extinguishing hot spots.

All occupants of the two buildings were able to safely evacuate the homes.

After conducting interviews and examining material evidence at the scene, fire investigators have determined that this fire was intentionally set. Fire investigators will we working closely with law enforcement as the investigation continues.

Officials say this is a good reminder to have working smoke alarms in your home and to have and practice your home fire escape plan. Plan, practice and be prepared.

Source: RFR

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