Medford Fire Provides Update on Early Morning Scrapyard Fire

Medford Fire has provided an update on this mornings earlier scrapyard fire on N. Central Ave. Here is a link to our earlier article regarding the incident.

Early Wednesday morning crews responded to a report of an RV fire in a vehicle storage lot behind 1021 N Central Avenue. Upon arrival, crews found multiple RV’s on fire and it was spreading to other vehicles quickly.

Courtesy of MFD

Once access was obtained and a reliable water supply established, the fire was controlled quickly. It is estimated that 10 to 12 vehicles were destroyed or severely damaged during the fire. No injuries were sustained during this fire. The cause is under investigation.

The property is currently being utilized by Northwest Scrap which stores impounded RV’s. This is the third fire at this property within the past year and is a known property to law enforcement.

Officials say that Medford Fire, alongside Medford Police, have been working closely with the property owner to identify ways they can reduce fire risk in the area and address the complaints related to the property. The property is posted as no-trespassing but sustains regularly forced entry through surrounding fence.

At this time, authorities have not released any additional information regarding the fire.

Source: MFD

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