Jackson County Search and Rescue Volunteers Complete Strenuous Test

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) Search and Rescue (SAR) recently completed a testing event for Type 1 SAR volunteers.

This test involved 39 miles of hiking in two days, starting on Tolman Creek Road, summiting Mt. Ashland, setting up camp, and finishing the next day at Lithia Park in Ashland. On August 21, Seven SAR volunteers completed the test, raising the total number of JCSO SAR Type 1 Searchers to 21. Besides the SAR mountain rescue teams, JCSO SAR has the only Type 1 Searchers in Oregon. These dedicated volunteers have been called to respond to major incidents throughout the state and Northern California.

Type 1 Searcher is the highest level of qualification for SAR personnel and they are able to respond to any major incident. They are qualified to travel over and through any terrain and be on their own for up to three days without resupply. These devoted volunteers are trained in wilderness medicine and are called to respond to high-altitude areas such as Mt. McLaughlin and Mt. Shasta. They are also part of the JCSO SAR Snow Response Group used during winter rescues.

To become a JCSO SAR volunteer call (541) 864-8830 or go to https://jacksoncountyor.org/sheriff/Services/Volunteer-Programs and fill out the application.

Source: JCSO SAR

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