Rum Creek Fire Expected to Remain Active Overnight

Firefighting resources are surging to new areas to address locations where the fire crossed lines on the eastern edge of the fire. Fire will remain active overnight due to warm temperatures, low humidity and very dry fuels.

“This is rough country,” said Joe Hessel, incident commander for Oregon Department of Forestry Team 1. “Every foot, every chain, every mile of line we complete is a big deal.”

Structural protection continues in residential areas threatened by fire, with firefighters assessing homes, wrapping structures and installing sprinklers, clearing flammable material from roofs and gutters, on and around decks and areas against homes. 

The fire has not crossed the Rogue River north of Grave Creek. On the east side of the fire, fire is established in McKnabe Creek. 

Crews spent the day reconfiguring containment lines where fire crossed lines near McKnabe Creek, using a combination of direct and indirect attack. Heavy smoke prevented aviation support on the east side of the fire. Skies were clearer on the west side, where multiple retardant drops were made to reinforce containment lines.

To the south and east, residents may see crews building contingency line around Brimstone Road, Quartz Creek and Hog Creek. “If the fire’s going to go that way, we want to be prepared,” said John Flannigan, ODF operations chief.

Fire command says a main objective is to keep the fire south of the Rogue River at Grave Creek; west of Hog Creek and Quartz Creek; north of Galice Road and Bear Camp Road; and east of the Big Windy Fire.

The Wild section of the Rogue River below Grave Creek will remain open unless fire conditions warrant closure. River status is determined on a day-to-day basis.

Josephine County Sheriff’s Office has established traffic access points around the fire zone. Only residents (must show proof of residency) and river permit holders will be allowed through. Road blocks will be located at Galice Road near Crow Road; Galice Store; Bear Camp Road at Peavine (top intersection); Lower Grave Creek Road at Angora Creek (Grays Ranch); Quartz Creek Road about 3 miles up (end of County maintenance); Dutch Henry Road near Kelsey Creek (42 44’56.2/123 40’35.4); and Hog Creek at Galice Road. National Guard will be staffing the roadblocks.

Here is the list of current Rum Creek Fire evacuations. 

Sheltering operations are at Josephine County Fairgrounds for those who have a need.

Source: USFS