CPPD K9 Mattis, Retires After Over Five Years of Service

The Central Point Police Department (CPPD) announced that today marks the official last day of service for K-9 Mattis, who has been with the agency for over five years.

Mattis was the first-ever K-9 for the Central Point Police Department. CPPD remarked on their social media page that staff are happy to have had the pleasure of working alongside this “good boy” and that they will miss his sweet presence around the department.

Here are a few words from his handler, Officer Munoz, regarding his service to the community: “K-9 Mattis and I began our journey on 3/8/2017. To this date, he has had 377 deployments which resulted in 276 K9 alerts. Mattis has been a valuable asset to the citizens of Central Point and has located slightly over 15.6 pounds of Methamphetamine, 1.5 pounds of Heroin, 2.8 pounds of Cocaine and 5 handguns. It has been an honor and a childhood dream come true to work alongside a narcotics K9.”

CPPD boasts that Mattis has had a great career and has earned his leisure time. His handler says K-9 Mattis is looking forward to playing with his new toys, camping with his family, and teaching his new brother, Gunny, how to be the best boy. Officials joked that his first mission in retirement is to find a place to hide this bone from any who dare try to take it from him.

CPPD finished by saying: We want to wish Mattis a great retirement and thank Officer Munoz for blazing the trail for K-9 handlers at our agency! A job well done to you both. Our department and community are forever grateful to your service!

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