Potentially Dangerous Heatwave Begins Sunday

An incoming stretch of triple digit days are expected to begin this Sunday for an extended period.

Forecasted Temps for Medford

Currently, high temperatures are expected to top out at 110 next Friday in the Medford Area. However, overnight lows won’t provide much relief as they will remain in the 70’s.

It is important to prepare now for any potential power interruptions during this extreme weather.

The CDC has supplied the following information regarding heat related issues.

Heat related deaths are preventable
  • WHAT:
    • Extreme heat or heat waves occur when the temperature reaches extremely high levels or when the combination of heat and humidity causes the air to become oppressive.
  • WHO:
    • Children
    • Older adults
    • Outside workers
    • People with disabilities
    • More males than females are affected
  • WHERE:
    • Houses with little to no AC
    • Construction worksites
    • Cars
    • Stay hydrated with water, avoid sugary beverages
    • Stay cool in an air conditioned area
    • Wear light-weight, light colored, loose fitting clothes
During extreme heat the temperature in your car could be deadly.
  • Outside Temperature 80°
    • Inside: 109°
      • Time Elapsed: 20 minutes
    • Inside: 118°
      • Time Elapsed: 40 minutes
    • Inside: 123°
      • Time Elapsed: 60 minutes
HEAT ALERTS: Know the difference.
  • HEAT OUTLOOK (Minor): Excessive heat event in 3 to 7 days
  • HEAT WATCHES: Excessive heat event in 12 to 48 hours
  • HEAT WARNING/ADVISORY (Major):Excessive heat event in next 36 hours
  • Those living in urban areas may be at a greater risk from the effects of a prolonged heat wave than those living in rural areas.
  • Most heat-related illnesses occur because of overexposure to heat or over-exercising.
  • Sunburn can significantly slow the skin’s ability to release excess heat.
  • 658 people died in the US as a result of extreme heat in 2011.

Metro Cooling Shelters are also expected to open during the heatwave. Currently, here is what the City of Medford is offering for cooling shelter options.

Medford Alert will continue to monitor and provide updates once more information is available.

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