Firefighters On-Scene of Wildfire on Old Stage Road

This is a developing incident. Medford Alert will continue to monitor and update as new information becomes available. Scroll to the bottom of the article for the latest updates.

At approximately 11:51a, Jackson County Fire District 3 (JCFD3), Medford Fire (MFD), and ODF units were dispatched to a reported grass fire on the 2900 block of Old Stage Road.

Courtesy of Roxy Ann Peak Cam

Once on scene, fire command sized the fire at approximately 1/2 acre. Burning in heavy blackberry bushes and dry grasses.

Command requested air support shortly after arrival. ODF will activate at least one Type II helicopter to assist with water drops.

12:17p UPDATE: Helicopter on scene, preparing for water drops. Estimated at 1 acre now. Command states they have it approximately 75% knocked down now.

12:20p UPDATE: Fire is now 100% wet-lined. All ground crews still currently engaging the fire. Helicopter is working still, second Type II helicopter request cancelled.

12:36p UPDATE: Remaining helicopter working fire has been released and is heading back to base.

1:45p FINAL UPDATE: The fire is 100% contained and no longer poses any threat. Investigators will continue working to find the cause of the incident.

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