Skookum Creek Fire Now 100% Lined and Mopped Up

The Skookum Creek Fire, located approximately two miles north of the Oregon-California border, is now 100% lined and mopped up.

Firefighters assigned to the incident were able to complete the mop-up process Wednesday afternoon, four days following the ignition of the fire. The cause was determined to be lightning during a storm that passed through the area on Saturday evening.

Firefighters were able to catch it at six acres. The Skookum Creek Fire was one of seven lightning caused fires in Jackson and Josephine counties following thunderstorms over the weekend. ODF Southwest Oregon District will continue to monitor the areas affected by strikes for any potential holdover fires that could ignite in the coming days as the weather continues to warm up.

While much of southern Oregon has received rainfall in the past couple of days, the risk for fires to start and spread has not decreased; be aware that regulations are still in effect on ODF protected land in Jackson and Josephine counties and the fire danger level remains at moderate (blue).

Courtesy of ODF

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