Groups Protest Outside as Medford City Council Convene Inside City Hall

This evening, a small group of boisterous protesters took to the steps of the Medford City Hall. Dozens showed up to voice their distain for the Executive of Rogue Retreat and his alleged connection to a controversial ministry that has ties to “gay conversion” therapy.

Tonight, the city is considering several more contracts with Rogue Retreat for continued homeless housing and outreach efforts. The city council are also planning on voting on an official proclamation in honor of Pride Month and Juneteenth.

Social Media Graphics Provided by Organizers of the Protest on Facebook

Originally, social media posts encouraged questionable behavior from the group by inviting members to “Rave Against Rogue Retreat”. Furthermore, literature from the organizers sought protesters to “do crime” as there were “no rules”.

Organizers invited attendees to “Dance Against Conversion Therapy, Rogue Retreat, and Pastor Chad McComas”. Medford Alert went to the area and saw a white box van, with music from the 90’s group Smashmouth blasting as protesters danced and waved signs at passing motorists. The scene was peaceful when we left shortly after 6:30p.

Earlier today, Rogue Retreat announced that Executive Director Chad McComas has been placed on paid administrative leave as an independent third party investigates the groups claims against the Pastor.

NOTE: We removed a sentence due to confusion about a slang term used by some previous protesters that are unaffiliated with this group.