City of Medford Responds to Allegations Connected to ‘Set Free Ministries’

The recent allegations connected to Set Free Ministries has prompted the City to reiterate its commitment to non-discrimination. City officials released the following statements, “We do not support discrimination in any form and we value all members of our community regardless of LGBTQIA+ identity, race, gender, religion, and all other protected classes.”

City officials say they are aware of recent concerns that have been raised about materials that were made available at Set Free Ministries in 2018. The City of Medford provided a general fund grant to Set Free Ministries in 2021 for services such as the food pantry and showers. The City has paused that funding pending an investigation of Set Free Ministries.

Set Free Ministries shares some personnel with Rogue Retreat, but the two organizations are legally and functionally separate entities. Rogue Retreat offers several programs supported by City resources (including land, funding, and/or facilities), specifically Hope Village, the Urban Campground, and the soon-to-open Navigation Center. All of these programs are established through Operational Agreements that contain non-discrimination provisions in an effort to ensure that all community members have access to these services.

For all of these programs, the City expects that no person shall be turned away based upon LGBTQIA+ identity, race, gender, religion, and all other protected classes, and no person shall be required to participate in religious services.

This stems from recent allegations regarding Set Free Ministries and their leaders alleged ties to “gay conversion therapy.” The claims were made by Siskiyou Abolition Project and Siskiyou Rising Tide.

The City has asked the Rogue Retreat Board to conduct a full and objective investigation of these allegations.

Courtesy of the City of Medford