Alleged DUII Driver Arrested After Crash

Just after 6:00p on 5/20/22, several metro law enforcement agencies were attempting to stop a driver who was driving erratically.

The suspect attempted to turn left onto northbound Arrowhead Drive, from eastbound Owen, when he lost control and crashed into a retaining wall of a nearby church.

Officers from the Medford Police Department and Jackson County Sheriffs Office were on scene to ensure the safety of surrounding residents and assist in taking the suspect into custody.

Medford Alert was the only media outlet on scene and captured the bizarre behavior of the suspect as he argued with officers and took a field sobriety test.

NSFW: Language Warning

Eventually, after failing a portion of the test, he demanded the officers take him into custody. Officers then quickly surrounded him and peacefully arrested the man.

The scene was gridlocked for awhile as police vehicles blocked much of the south end of Arrowhead were it connects into Owen.

Reminder: All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

This is a developing story, we will update once official information becomes available.