Massive Centennial Village Development Moving Forward

On May 18th, the city of Medford Planning Department will hear a proposal for the concurrent review of the PRS owned Planned Unit Development (PUD) and zone change on approximately 470 acres; dubbed “Centennial Village”.

The PUD consists of a Master Plan for Centennial Village to allow for a 14 Phase development with a mixture of residential housing types and commercial development surrounding Centennial Golf Club and generally located west of North Phoenix Road and north of the future South Stage Road extension.

This huge and complex development will surround the current Centennial Golf Club and further fill-in an area of prime land in the southeast Medford area. Current plans call for traditional single family lots, multi-family housing, apartment buildings, commercial districts, and open spaces for parks and wetlands. There are no design aspects available at this time.

As these plans move forward, Medford Alert will continue to update.

Courtesy of City of Medford

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