Sheriff’s Office Warns of Phone Scams Happening in Our Region

Over the last few weeks the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office has received multiple reports regarding attempted telephonic scams.

In the reoccurring attempts, persons identify themselves as members of the Sheriff’s Office and demand payment over the phone to avoid being arrested. Payment demands have been in the form of apps, gift cards or money orders.

The Sheriff’s Office would like to remind you that law enforcement does not operate in this fashion.

Funds are NOT solicited by law enforcement from citizens to avoid arrest, especially over the telephone.

The Sheriff’s Office would like to remind citizens to remain vigilant and report any potential scams that come their way. Persons should never provide financial or personal information to anyone until they are certain who they are speaking to.

It appears many of these types of thieves try to target members of the senior citizen community. Authorities say to be aware of these scams and call the Sheriff’s Office if you have questions or concerns.

Courtesy of JoCo SO