Judge Sentences South Obenchain Fire Looter to 30 Months in Prison

The Jackson County District Attorney’s Office announced today that Padyn Dineen entered a plea of no contest to Aggravated Theft in the First Degree in Jackson County Circuit Court. Mr. Dineen was sentenced by Judge Timothy Barnack to 30 months in the Oregon Department of Corrections with two years of post-prison supervision and restitution.

The Jackson County Grand Jury indicted Mr. Dineen on November 25, 2020. The indictment was a result of Mr. Dineen’s conduct on September 12, 2020. On September 12, 2020, Shady Cove was under Level 3 Evacuation Order due to ongoing wildfires in the area.

Residents in the Sawyer Road and Rogue River Drive area had reported many instances of people looting at homes of people who had evacuated. One witness called in a report of a man in dark clothing riding a quad down Sawyer Road. Mr. Dineen was not immediately located, but another witness confirmed Mr. Dineen had been wearing dark clothing that day.

A deputy with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office responded to the area and found the quad outside of Mr. Dineen’s residence. Additionally, a paintball gun was strapped to the quad. Underneath the quad seat, there was an owner’s manual with the owner’s name written on it. The deputy happened to know the owner of the quad personally and knew he had evacuated due to the wildfires. The owner confirmed he had not given anyone permission to take the quad.

Courtesy of JCDA

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