Four Buildings and Seven Businesses Confirmed Destroyed in Fire

The City of Medford has released a few more details about the aftermath of the Pacific Pride Fire during a press release earlier this afternoon.

The Medford Fire Department responded to a report of an illegal burn at 936 South Central (Carson – Pacific Pride) on Tuesday at 9:39 p.m. As of Wednesday morning the fire is out and crews are addressing hot spots.

Initial reports indicate that four buildings have been destroyed as a result of the fast moving fuel-fire. Seven businesses resided in the destroyed buildings.

Due to the complexity of the fire, which caused safety and environmental risks, Medford Public Works implemented multiple road closures. As of Wednesday afternoon, South Central Avenue from E 13th St. to E Barnett Rd continues to be closed.

Crews have opened North Riverside at Barnett Avenue. Drivers are asked to use extreme caution when in the area as there are multiple crews on site continuing the investigation. Utility crews are also on site to assess damage and restore services.

Carson (Pacific Pride), a fuel station and the location of this fire, has contracted with First Strike Environmental to do an initial assessment of the scene and will lead the clean-up of hazardous materials. City crews are working to assess impacts to the City’s infrastructure in the area including roadways and storm drains. The City has connected with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and the Environmental Protection Agency for further environmental impact analysis.

Medford Police Department is leading the investigation into the cause of the fire in coordination with MFD.

MPD is asking anyone who may have seen something in the area of the fire to contact them at 541-770-4783, case 22-6203.

Courtesy of the City of Medford

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