Medford Police K9 Kylo Retires After Nearly Four Years of Service

Recently, the Medford Police K9 Division announced a retirement on the team. K9 Kylo has officially retired from active duty, effective 2/23/22.

This retirement is due to Kylo’s handler, Officer Esqueda, being promoted to the rank of Corporal. MPD said that K9 Kylo joined the force in May of 2018 and that the team has been very effective for the community.

K9 Kylo will be spending the rest of his life with Officer Esqueda and his family. Cpl. Esqueda continued the traditional cheeseburger for his K9’s last patrol shift. This tradition is to celebrate their dedication to the agency and it is usually their first “human” food since they were partnered with their handler.

Medford Police remarked on a social media post, that they will miss seeing Kylo at work, but added he will have a great life in retirement.

Courtesy of MPD

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