Limited Damage After Transient Ignites Store Bathroom on Fire

At approximately 8:45a this morning, metro 911 operators took a call of a disorderly individual at the Ahuva Bagel Company in the Bear Creek Plaza.

Here is the link to our live coverage of the incident

Shortly after that, the call was upgraded to a structure fire response after the individual allegedly attempted to light an interior bathroom on fire. Six Medford Fire units initially were dispatched.

Medford Police units were quick to respond to the building and reported the fire to be mostly out prior to Medford Fire units arrival.

With the help of good samaritans, who followed the suspect to a nearby Big Lots store, MPD officers apprehended the suspect without major incident.

Two Medford Fire units remained on scene to help extinguish any possible hotspots and ensure the safety of the building. They cleared approx 90 minutes later, after a fire investigator finished the investigation.

Statement From Ahuva Bagel

The bagel company remains open for business except for the bathroom being off-limits to customers at this time. No damage estimate available.m, there were no reported injuries.

Pictures Courtesy of Ahuva Bagel and Instagram User smileurwithjes