51-Space RV Park Planned Near Lithia & Driveway Fields

Applicant, Bend Development Group is requesting approval for a new recreational vehicle park on a 4.71 acre parcel off Matt Loop near the Lithia & Driveway Fields in south Medford.

The subject property is currently vacant land and owned in fee simple by Starlite Properties LLC. Bend Development Group is the contract purchaser of the property. The property is located to the east of Highway 99 at the east end of Matt Loop. The Lithia & Driveway Field Complex borders the property on the north and east boundaries. Gore Creek runs along the northwestern boundary. A separate application for a reduction of the riparian
setback has been submitted to allow a limited number of RV spaces to encroach up to 25 feet into
the Gore Creek riparian buffer; this request is pending with the Planning Director at the time of filing the subject SPAC application.

Developers say that this new RV facility will provide a place for visitors with recreational vehicles to stay when they come to Medford. Its proximity to the sports fields and Harry & David Field will provide convenient access for guests to tournaments and other activities in the area. The Park is proposed to include 51 RV spaces along with an office/caretakers residence building and a “pool house” building next to the pool that has laundry and shower facilities for guests.

If approved, construction may begin the spring. As this project moves forward, we will continue to update.

Courtesy of the City of Medford