JaCo Alert System Test to Coincide with The Great Oregon ShakeOut Thursday

To educate people about responding to earthquakes, Jackson County is observing the Great Oregon ShakeOut on Thursday, October 21.

Jackson County Emergency Management encourages citizens to get informed and to prepare by doing things like signing up for Citizen Alert, forming a plan for safety before an earthquake happens, and learning what to do if one does occur.

“Earthquakes are rare in Southern Oregon,” shares Holly Powers, Jackson County Emergency Manager, “but being ready and having a plan are essential for keeping you and your loved ones safe.”

In conjunction with the Great Oregon ShakeOut, Jackson County will also be testing the Citizen Alert System. Residents with registered Citizen Alert accounts will receive the test through all listed delivery methods—call, text, and email, as well as landline CenturyLink phone numbers—between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Thursday, October 21. The Citizen Alert System will contact you based on the information you have listed in your account by call, text, email.  

Residents are encouraged to sign up for Citizen Alert at www.JacksonCounty.org/alert.