Major Drug and Firearm Trafficking Ring Dismantled in Southern Oregon

In a collaborative effort, DEA Medford, DEA Seattle, Grants Pass Police Department, and Oregon State Police have successfully dismantled a drug and firearm trafficking ring operating in Southern Oregon. The culmination of an 18-month investigation led to the execution of 9 search warrants in and around Grants Pass, resulting in 24 arrests and the seizure of 37 firearms, along with substantial quantities of fentanyl and methamphetamine.

Prior to the recent enforcement action, the team had already seized 40 pounds of methamphetamine and over nine pounds of fentanyl. The latter, in tiny quantities of just two milligrams, can be fatal. The seized fentanyl had the potential to yield more than 144,000 deadly doses, underscoring the gravity of the operation.

Year-to-date, the DEA in Oregon has confiscated over 3.84 million deadly doses of fentanyl, marking a twofold increase compared to the entirety of the previous year. Special Agent in Charge, David F. Reames, emphasized the significance of the cooperative effort, stating, “This case once again highlights DEA’s commitment to Southern Oregon and the strength of our partnerships throughout the region.”

The success of this takedown is attributed to the collaborative efforts of DEA and its five offices across Oregon (Medford, Bend, Eugene, Salem, and Portland). Numerous law enforcement partners played a crucial role, including Grants Pass Police, Oregon State Police, Central Point Police Department, Rogue Area Drug Enforcement (RADE), Central Oregon Drug Enforcement (CODE), Douglas County Interagency Narcotics Team (DINT), Basin Interagency Narcotics Enforcement Team (BINET), and the Interagency Marijuana Enforcement Team (IMET).

Josephine County District Attorney will be overseeing the prosecution of this case, reinforcing the commitment to justice in the region.

In a chilling statistic, last year saw 110,757 Americans succumb to drug poisonings, with 70 percent involving fentanyl and 30 percent methamphetamine, according to the CDC. DEA laboratory testing reveals a startling fact: seven out of every 10 pills seized by DEA contain a lethal dose of fentanyl. The message is clear: “One Pill Can Kill.” For further information, visit

Source: GPPD/OSP

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